Seguin/By S. Bradley

It looks like the inevitable has become the reality.

The Bruins have signed No. 2 overall pick Tyler Seguin.

Although the team has yet to announce the contract officially The team made it official arounnd 4 p.m., after ESPN Boston and both reported the sides agreed to a standard three-year entry-level contract for the base maximum of $900,000 with performance bonuses that could bring the total annual salary to $3.75 million. The Globe has since updated that cap hit to $3.65 million, while still has the $3.75 million number.

This deal would match penny for penny what No. 1 overall pick Taylor Hall got from the Edmonton Oilers earlier this summer. It’s no surprise that both players would earn the same contract, considering how close they both were in terms of the No. 1 pick heading into the draft and the equal expectation that both players will make an impact in the NHL next season.

With the way the CBA is, there was no doubt Boston was going to be able to get this deal done because the bonuses are the only really negotiable point when you’re talking about such a prized draft pick.

For those panicking about the $3.75 million cap hit, remember that there is a 7.5-percent bonus buffer that applies the bonuses to the 2011-12 cap until Seguin meets them. So Boston will get some relief there.