Mailbag: How much will Bergeron, Chara cash in

In Bergeron’s case, I also think it’s important to get this extension done before the season or, at the latest, by the All-Star break. Boston has to know that Bergeron’s play is only going to raise his stock. Showing him they love him as much as he’s repeatedly said he loves Boston would be in the Bruins’ best interest. So ultimately, I think Bergeron gets around $5.5 million on a four- or five-year deal.

Of course, these ballpark estimates are done without looking at who else will be on the open market or how they would fit into Boston’s payroll/salary cap next season or beyond. There’s no doubt that even after general manager Peter Chiarelli makes the move he needs to make to clear cap space just for this season, if he completes extensions with Chara and Bergeron, he won’t be out of the woods as far as next season in terms of cap space, his logjam at center and other factors.

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