Colborne/By S. Bradley

BOSTON — Despite the fact that he nearly lost his balance skating off the ice with the help of a couple teammates Wednesday night, center Joe Colborne woke up today feeling fine and and wanted to play in the second half of the two-game rookie series with the New York Islanders at TD Garden.

And without the cautiousness of the Bruins’ medical staff, Colborne might’ve got a chance to exact some revenge of Islanders rookie Justin Dibenedetto.

“It’s hockey, it’s a rough game and it will happen, you know,” Colborne said during the second intermission of the second rookie game. “I’m kind of wishing I was out there right now, but hopefully I’ll meet up with that guy sooner or later.”

According to some who saw the play, “that guy” was only partially responsible for Colborne needing around 30 stitches in and around his nose. Colborne, who didn’t suffer a broken nose or concussion (tests proved the latter Thursday morning), was an innocent bystander when Dibenedetto flew at Bruins forward Lane MacDermid with an elbow that earned Dibenedetto a game misconduct. On the play, someone’s stick, possibly MacDermid’s, took down Colborne. The pool of blood he left took a while to clean up.

“After seeing that, how I got up, to have no damage or anything, I feel pretty fortunate,” said Colborne. “I’m glad I got it out of the way before the games really mean anything.”

Colborne’s parents, in town to see their son skate in a game at his potential future NHL home, got more than they bargained for.

“My mom wasn’t too happy with it,” said Colborne, who’ll be wearing a full cage when he returns to action this weekend. “But it’s not the first time I’ve been cut. Worse things could happen. I told her, it could’ve been a knee or a shoulder, something like that which would keep me out for a long time. One of my friends this summer, his mom got the call that they’re going to have to cut his two legs off after a car accident. So after I told her that, it really puts it in perspective.”

Colborne can also put the fact that the Bruins wouldn’t let him play in the second rookie game in perspective as well. After all, it would’ve made no sense to put one of the club’s most important prospects in harm’s way — not with the exhibition schedule right around the corner and Colborne a sure bet to challenge for a spot on the big club.