BOSTON — Bruins head coach Claude Julien’s job is to get the players who are with the franchise now — newcomers and returnees — to move on from last season’s historic postseason collapse and focus on the future.

Well, for those outside of the Bruins’ dressing room that are still having a hard time getting over the loss to the Flyers, here’s what the Boston bench boss had to say today during a press conference about the effects last season should or shouldn’t have on the club’s current state.

“What happened last year is something you never want to forget,” said Julien after his players went through their off-ice testing on the first official day of training camp. “It’s something that you want to keep in the back of your mind, but it’s not something that you want to keep bringing up day in and day out. And I think that’s how we need to approach it. Don’t forget about it and store it in the back of your mind, because at one point you need to use that to help you move forward with your team and as an individual. But I think it’s important also not to keep bringing that up day in and day out and put that added weight where we don’t need that extra weight right now.”

Julien admitted his address to the media was similar to his message to the players. So any lingering hangover from blowing that 3-0 lead should be tucked well into the past.