BOSTON — Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli typically avoids responding to media reports like a rabbi avoids pork.

However, today Chiarelli felt the need to eat the pork.

First in an early-evening emailed statement, and then twice during the State of the Bruins town hall meeting with season ticket holders, Chiarelli refuted a local report using an unnamed source that center Marc Savard could miss the rest of the season with post-concussion symptoms.

“As I stated on Friday, Marc Savard is suffering from symptoms related to post-concussion syndrome,” said the official statement. “He is under the care of our doctors. Any reports that suggest that there are any other issues regarding Marc, or him not playing for the Bruins this season, are completely inaccurate.”

After telling the fans, in response to a question from a young fan, “[Savard] will be back [in Boston] this week and he should be ready to go in short order” Chiarelli explained why he chose now to respond to a report.

“I felt it was so contradictory to what we said, and untrue,” said Chiarelli.