MacDonald makes for perfect P-Bruins role model

“His work ethic is as good as anyone’s. It is a good testament,” said the coach. “I think too, when you have a guy like that on the team who has worked his way through the East Coast League, worked his way to an American League deal, is really knocking on the door to get an NHL deal, it’s for those guys that feel their entitled to what they get because of where they were drafted or whatever. It’s good to have a guy to kind of balance that out on a team.

“A guy like Mac doesn’t have to necessarily throw it out there like ‘hey, look what I did.’ But on the other hand, you can say here’s a guy scraping to make a living at this game and he’s giving it everything he’s got. That’s the type of role model you like to have on your team.”

As he continues to improve on the ice and build a solid reputation in the dressing room, MacDonald will inch closer to landing an NHL deal — which might remove him from the mix with Providence/Boston in the seasons ahead. Wherever MacDonald goes and spends his future survival anniversaries, however, his impact on the Bruins’ organization will continue to be felt.

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