Savard/By S. Bradley

BOSTON — Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli told the media Tuesday that Marc Savard would not travel with the club to Belfast for the start of its European adventure.

However, today the GM left the door open for the star center possibly joining the club before it plays its two regular season games with Phoenix in Prague and then heads home.

“He may join us,” said Chiarelli about Savard, who is suffering from post-concussion syndrome. “We’re putting him on a seven-, eight-day plan while we’re gone, to see the doctors. He’s got to ramp up his physical activity just to get to the exertion test, so there’s a lot of protocol we have to go through. And we decided we’d be better off having him here with the guidance of our doctors and we’ve got a physical therapy group here, too, that will work with him and start his conditioning.

“So he’s got to go through a number of steps, better served here than over there. … He’s, again, from what I see, progressing very nicely. I’ve talked to him every day and he’s on his way, but we need to make sure we do this properly.”