Column: Bergeron extension means Bruins in position to deal when ready

So now you have to wonder what the Bruins are going to do with their militia of middlemen. For now, Savard’s injury allows them to line up Bergeron, Krejci, Campbell and Seguin, one through four. Savard’s return will probably mean subscribing to the original plan of shifting Seguin out to the wing, possibly alongside Bergeron. The real logjam could come next season when, even if they don’t re-sign Hamill, the Bruins might have Colborne and Spooner (and maybe whoever they draft with Toronto’s lottery pick next June) knocking at the NHL door.

Of course, this has been Chiarelli’s plan all along. He has cornered the market on centers. Some can shift out to the wing and fill in at center when needed. Having center skill on the outside is always a plus. But more importantly for the current Bruins and their goal of ending the 39-year Stanley Cup drought, Chiarelli can deal from a position of strength when he’s looking to make a trade.

When it comes time to fortify the Bruins’ defense for the stretch run, Chiarelli will have the assets to get it done. Combine the center stable with the draft-pick stockpile (three in the first two rounds next year) and the Bruins should be able to outbid other contenders when the annual chase to add a puck-mover heats up in mid-winter. Whether he decides to go the blockbuster route and deal Krejci or go subtle to tweak the team by moving Campbell or one of the kids, it won’t be hard for Chiarelli to find a trading partner.

Bergeron has been a great player and has potential to be even better, so the Bruins were wise to make sure he’s going to be blossoming in black and gold. But this deal could also help Chiarelli swing the in-season swap that’ll be a difference-maker come spring.

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