Finally, a chance to wrap up the weekend

•I’m not too concerned with the no fewer than four golden scoring chances Phoenix had while on the penalty kill. Sure, the Coyotes scored just three shorthanded goals all of last year with mostly the same cast. But they have excellent defensive forwards in Vernon Fiddler and newly signed Eric Belanger, and they were obviously taking advantage of a timid Boston power play with some aggressive pursuit of the puck. Boston’s point men are going to have to work to build up some better chemistry this week.

•Can everyone stop reacting to every giveaway by a defenseman the way you treat an interception in football. Over the course of 60 minutes of high-paced, high-level hockey, every defenseman is going to put the puck on the wrong stick a couple times. Now there are unforced errors and forced ones. If a guy is just coughing it up with no opponents near him, that’s one thing. But unless you’re going to laud a guy every time he makes a crisp first pass, you can’t fry a guy every time his pass is an inch off. Remember, if a team has its third pair out there, there should be some onus on the forwards to help out more as well.

The Bruins will return to the ice for practice Wednesday after two days off.

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