Horton/By S. Bradley

Bruins center Gregory Campbell probably knows winger Nathan Horton best among those in the Boston locker room because the two came over together in the offseason trade with Florida.

So there’s no better Bruins player to decipher Horton’s fast start than Campbell.

Horton has scored three goals in Boston’s first two games, which has meant that the ever-grinning forward has given thousands of people with and around the Bruins reason to smile as big as he does.

“If you look at his demeanor, he’s having fun right now. In the past, from what I’ve experienced, when he’s having fun playing the game, he’s an amazing hockey player,” said Campbell. “That goes with every player. When they’re having fun, the game’s a lot easier. I always can tell if he’s having fun off the ice, I think that’s going to translate into his on-ice game. So he is off to fast start and that line’s been big for us.”

In his case, the egg has come before the chicken. Or maybe it’s the chicken before the egg. But anyway, Horton is happy, so he’s scoring. And as long as he’s scoring, he’ll be happy and the Bruins will be overjoyed.