BOSTON — Maybe now that Vladimir Sobotka skates for the St. Louis Blues, Bruins forward Brad Marchand can engage New York Rangers agitator Sean Avery is some vintage trash talk.

It seems last season when the Bruins and Blueshirts met up, Marchand, who might as well be known as “mini Avery” in the smack talking department, couldn’t get a word in edgewise because the New York forward was more interested in mouthing off to Sobotka.

“I asked Vladi, and he said he once kneed him or something,” Marchand said today after the Bruins’ morning skate at TD Garden.

X-rays didn’t reveal any serious damage to the foot that rejected an Alexander Ovechkin slap shot and knocked Marchand out of commission for a time Thursday night. So after skating a couple shifts in the third period against the Caps and then taking Friday off from skating, Marchand should be able to put his legs and lips to work against the Rangers tonight.

“I couldn’t put any pressure on it when I was on the ice; it just went numb,” said Marchand, who added that the foot is still a little tender. “Guys have told me before that when they break their feet and their hands, it just goes numb. So I was kind of panicking at that point of time. I kind of got back to the room and I started to get a little more feeling back as time went on. I was just more scared that it was broken.”

Marchand’s fears of a break were put to rest. And he won’t have any fear going after Avery, although he’s trying to find some new material.

“I’m going to have to ask ‘Thornty’ about that,” said Marchand, referring to Boston’s resident veteran smack talker and fellow fourth-line forward.