Column: Chara, defense depth to be tested more without Boychuk

While if pressed to guess before the season you might’ve picked another more likely candidate or two than Boychuk to go down, you knew that at some point Boston’s back-end depth was going to be tested by injury. This is where organizations get exposed if the depth they’ve banked on in the abstract can’t come through in the reality.The solution cannot be as simple as asking Chara to do even more, or by spring the Bruins’ star might be a shadow of his Norris-worthy self.

I, for one, have questioned if the Bruins have enough options on defense to maintain a championship-caliber level of play over the course of a full NHL season since camp opened. Now we’ll find out if this team is really built to stay afloat without a key member of its defense corps for the short and long term.

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