Here’s a Tweet I wish I read before the Bruins’ locker room here in Wilmington, Mass., closed to the media.

From Andrew Gross of The Record:

“Brandon Prust says Bruins Gregory Campbell called him up to apologize, said he needs to be more careful with his stick.”

As I said, I didn’t get to ask Campbell about this before the team’s availability ended. But in a league where it seems every day there’s some illegal check or stick work making the news, it’s refreshing to hear that Campbell was concerned for his fellow player’s well being, even an opponent.

The high-sticking call on Campbell after he caused harm to Prust Saturday was the Bruins center’s second of the season, so obviously it’s of concern to him as he tries to make the most of his fourth-line minutes. Prust suffered a cut and a shiner, but played the next night against New Jersey.

Imagine that, it’s possible to be a rugged player and possess a level of compassion. Hope Campbell doesn’t get fined by the knuckle-dragger committee.