WILMINGTON, Mass. — There are a number of options Bruins rookie Tyler Seguin can now consider for housing now that he has been told he can plan on sticking around Boston for the duration of the 2010-11 season.

He could live on his own the way teen-aged rookie Milan Lucic did in 2007-08, or live with a friendly family the way Phil Kessel did the year before. Patrice Bergeron even lived with a teammate, Martin Lapointe, when he was a rookie the year before the lockout. And Sidney Crosby only recently moved out of Mario Lemieux’s house.

According to general manager Peter Chiarelli, all options are on the table.

“We’re working on [living arrangements]. We looked at a couple things,” said Chiarelli. “We don’t want to rush him, so we may put him in a kind of a lifestyle suite for a little bit and see what transpires after that.”

“We talked about [possibly living with a player]. We talked to a couple players.”

Unfortunately for Seguin, these days almost all the Bruins players live downtown in condos or apartments that don’t have much space to add a teenager. Some of the Bruins players polled today expressed regret that they can’t fit Seguin under their roofs. On the other hand, many of the Bruins live in the same building and/or neighborhood, so a friendly face would just be a phone call or text away if Seguin’s living alone.

“Right now, it’s still kind of crazy. There are a lot of options being thrown out,” said Seguin. “I don’t know what’s going to be. Right now, I think it might be me in my own place and everyone else kind of in the same building.”

Home will be wherever he hangs his helmet and gloves.