Bruins center Marc Savard won’t be able to skate with his teammates today because the Bruins, who host Montreal tonight, took the morning off after getting home late from their win at Pittsburgh last night.

But Savard’s road to return should begin to include practices with his teammates for the first time this season, according to a report in today’s Boston Globe.

“He has been symptom-free for a while now, increasing his skating . . . all in all, he looks good,” Chiarelli told the Globe.

Just as positive as the news that Savard, who has been skating regularly for about a month now in effort to get back from post-concussion symptoms, should be ready to go through the rigors of a practice is that general manager Peter Chiarelli is targeting Jan. 1, not Dec. 1, as a soft return date for the star center.

It’s obvious Savard came back too soon in the spring, and his recent bout with PCS was a result of that. By giving Savard more leeway for his return, Chiarelli is showing that the organization is definitely not going to rush Savard and risk another re-lapse. With David Krejci now out with his own concussion, the Bruins — once seen as in possession of too many centers — have been forced to shift Blake Wheeler to the middle. However, Boston’s obviously not tempted to take any chances by throwing Savard back into the lineup to fill in for Krejci.

•In the same Globe story, Chiarelli said it’s more realistic that Krejci will be out two to three weeks, rather than the initial prediction of one week, due to his “moderate” concussion.