Julien/By S. Bradley

WILMINGTON, Mass. — The Bruins on the season are 27th in the league as far as shots allowed per game at 34.5.

Their last five games in particular have skewed that number, as they’ve allowed 39.2 shots per contest, including surrendering more than 40 in their last two outings.

However, the goals against have stayed at a respectable level. And in its charting, the Bruins’ coaching staff led by head man Claude Julien hasn’t noticed a proportional uptick in golden scoring chances by the opponents.

So Julien says he can live with the totals where they are as long as teams are firing away from long distance.

“A lot of that depends on the opposing teams’ approach to the game. What we base our things on to a lot is the quality scoring chances. They’ve been a little higher as well. Not by a ton. The shots have been much higher than the scoring chances allowed. But a lot of teams are shooting from the outside now and trying to get guys crashing the net, rebounds and that type of stuff. Our team eventually does that to other teams because we obviously protect the middle well, so teams take an approach of trying to shoot from everywhere and trying to get it on the inside. So those are things that have happened lately and have happened in other years as well.”