Column: Maturity making Lucic look like a premier power forward

And then there’s the matter of staying on that top line from the start of the season until now. The temptation to suddenly start trying to skate figure eights with the puck and stick handle along the walls rather than plow defenders over and make mince meat of them in the corners, hasn’t tantalized Lucic. He has stuck to the orders given him by Julien and the coaching staff. That’s a major sign that as a player, Lucic is almost all grown up.

Milan Lucic is supposed to be a scoring bulldozer, a Tazmanian devil (sorry Terry O’Reilly), a Cam Neely Lite (even at 228 pounds in the gentler, 21st century NHL). Although we’re not even at the quarter pole of the season, you can tell that this is could be the year that puts Lucic on everyone’s list of dynamic modern-day NHL power forwards.

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