It’s time for to make a little spending cash, and also to provide you — my loyal, Bruins-loving readers — the best information about the secondary ticket market and opportunity to purchase tickets to the big games.

Today I announce my formal partnership with Tiq IQ.

The Bruins have sold out almost all their season tickets and it’s getting tougher to get good single seats to most games through the club. So you know the only way to get the seat you want to see Milan Lucic and the boys is to scour the secondary market. Well, that can be time consuming. How are you going to have time to paint the H in Horton on your bare chest if you have to go to five or six different Web sites looking for the best price.

Well now you don’t have to. Just log on to The Bruins Blog tickets and see what’s available from all the major sites for all the games coming up.

Here’s a summary of all the things they provide:

Features and Benefits:

1. Aggregated Listings
They aggregate listings from sites like StubHub, eBay, Ticketsnow and TicketNetwork.

2. TiqZone Categorization
They break each venue up into TiqZones, which are groupings of sections that we’ve determined are comparable in value.

3. TiqIQ Statistics
They provide ticket-level buying intelligence through their IQ rating and TiqIQ Statistics.

4. E-Ticket Filter
Want tickets last minute? You can find all the available e-tickets so you can print your tickets from home or the office.

5. Dedicated Facebook Tickets Page
They provide a branded “Tickets” Facebook page that is then populated with various deals allowing readers to “opt in” to the ticket buying experience.

So you love the Bruins and want to go to a game. You want to be able to read about that game and get all the Bruins news from for years to come. Well, then make sure you buy those tickets through and Tiq IQ.

Here’s a look at what ticket prices for games this season look like right now: