Colby Cohen, the prospect acquired from Colorado for Matt Hunwick tonight, has no illusions about the type of player he is.

Here’s what he told a pool reporter about his game:

“I think that I’m like a two-way guy. I think that I’ve had a lot of success in my career as an offensive defenseman. Obviously, I haven’t put up any points this year in Lake Erie or when I was in Colorado for a few games, but I just try to be a puck-moving defenseman and make it easy on the forwards to get up the ice, and I try to join the play when I can and I try to use my shot as much as I can.”

Another thing Cohen has no illusions about is what cities are worthy of his talents in the NHL. Let’s just assume he’ll never be wearing an Oilers jersey if he can help it.

“I honestly, like, when the Colorado GM called me and he’s like ‘We just traded you,” I was praying. I had a few cities in mind, but I was praying it wasn’t Edmonton and when he said Boston, I was like, “Wow, this couldn’t be any better!”

The Bruins want to be a destination team. Now they know at least they rank ahead of Edmonton.