Column: Calling on the first line to find its touch again

Krejci’s return to health from both the concussion and the flu might give his line the opportunity to again forge some consistent chemistry against the Flyers and beyond. When the top line isn’t making life difficult on the opponent’s top defense pair, the rest of the lineup pays a price as well. Lucic believes he has the prescription for his line’s ills.

“It’s nice to have a practice with him today and get that feel back,” said Lucic. “For us, looking back, the first 12 games there before he got hurt, a reason we were so successful was we were making good, strong plays and we were moving up the ice quick and we were able to get our feet going and attack with a lot of speed. So if we do that, we’re going to be successful and that’s what we’re looking forward to getting back to.”

Anything less than “good, strong plays” against the likes of the red-hot, hard-hitting Flyers will probably leave the Bruins looking like they’ve just been run over by a steamroller … or Mike Richards. The first line, top line, scoring line – whatever you want to call it – has to lead the way to keep the Bruins out of the path of that oncoming truck.

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