What else is there to do in the shower on a day the team’s playing in Philadelphia and I’m blogging from home?

Here’s my Hockey Hanukkah Song sung to the tune of Adam Sandler’s marvelous bit of music:

Guess who eats together, at Moishes in Montreal. Jeff Halpern and Mike Cammalleri, he’s not too tall.

You can keep Duncan Keith, Mike Green, and your big Chris Pronger. We get all the defense we need from Mathieu Schneider.

It takes a lot of gelt, to pay Rick DiPietro … better to spin a dreidel with Marty Turco.

Many owners are Jewish; ain’t that nice. Guess who else is, Florida Panther Stephen Weiss. (He’s not, damn.)

Matt Hunwick wasn’t Jewish and he struggled in his own zone; so the Bruins traded him to Denver for future star Colby Cohen.