Complacency: it’s what’s for breakfast when it comes to these Bruins

Gregory Campbell had a rough night with a couple of giveaways that led to Anaheim’s first goal. But he still dropped his gloves with Kyle Chipchura in an effort to zap life into his teammates. Instead of skating just 12 shifts for 8:10, maybe he could’ve shifted out to the wing to add some grit to the Bergeron-Recchi combo. Shawn Thornton skated just nine shifts, yet still fired five shots on goal – none wide, and none blocked. Imagine that, a player working to get the puck through the traffic. It shouldn’t be a surprise Thornton did that, considering he has done it almost every night since arriving in Boston. Maybe get him on a line with a couple of the “skill” guys who think that game night is effort-optional to set an example and really mix things up. Instead, the lunch-pail players take the blame.

Of course, the coach shouldn’t have to stoop to gimmicks. These are grown men, professional athletes, who should not only be able to motivate themselves to want to win at all costs but also earn some pretty hefty paychecks. If Nathan Horton, Dennis Seidenberg and David Krejci can look in the mirror and say they’ve played up to their pay scale lately, then someone should check what’s getting slipped in their orange juice.

Julien spoke after the game about thinking in the overnight hours about how to respond tomorrow morning. Should he loosen things up or make things tough on his players? We already know their 11 a.m. practice won’t run too long because they have holiday toy delivery duties in Boston at 1 p.m. It’s great that the Bruins, as players and as an organization, always put in a 100-percent effort to aid the community and those less fortunate. Now it’s about time the club put forth a similar effort from the first drop of the puck until the final horn.

No one’s asking the Bruins to win every game, just to work harder than the other club every night and cash in some of their two-point performances with an effort that’s worthy of the breakfast of champions. Right now, they don’t deserve more than some soggy, stale toast.

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