Lucic/By S. Bradley

BOSTON — All we know for certain now on the night before Christmas Eve is that Freddy Meyer’s high hit on Milan Lucic in tonight’s 4-1 Bruins win at TD Garden earned the Atlanta defenseman elbowing and roughing minor penalties, and Lucic earned a game misconduct and match penalty for his response.

Lucic is now suspended pending review of his punch to Meyer while the blueliner’s arms were being held in a scrum.

Here’s another look at the hit and the scrum:

As expected, both sides had different tales to tell after the game.

Bruins forward Milan Lucic:
“I mean … it was a high hit for sure. I was bleeding from the lip and after a hit like that … I mean that was the second time he has done that. He’s hit me late. He’s hit me cheap. Now that’s the second time. I mean, you can’t give a guy a free pass too many times, but I’m happy that we stuck together as a group and as a team. … For myself personally, a match penalty, so I will do whatever I can …y ou know… to face the consequences.”

Atlanta head coach Craig Ramsay:
“Freddy laid a good hit. That is what happens, you throw a big hit and you have to have a fight. We are taking hitting out of the game. He gets a penalty for a good hit. They started all the fights and I thought we should have had a power play for the rest of the game, maybe a two-man advantage.”

Atlanta defenseman Johnny Oduya:
“I think it was a hit that Freddy came up and hit him. I don’t think that there was an elbow. He hit him high in the chest. They didn’t like it so he got jumped and sucker punched that one time.”

Bruins head coach Claude Julien:
“I’ve looked at it again and it’s a cheap hit. Hopefully it is seen that way. You know, if you’re a player with all the head injuries we’ve had, the concussions and all that stuff that’s happened to our team whether it’s [Patrice] Bergeron or whether it’s [Marc] Savard and other things and we’re talking about cutting down on head shots, you can’t blame a player for reacting to those kind of things and I think everybody kind of reacted and that’s what happened. But you know, I’m going to stand here and say our guys stood together for something that was, to me, a real cheap shot and uncalled for and hopefully the league sees it that way too.”

Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference:
“It was a high hit, without a doubt. I mean Looch is going down the boards and I was following right behind him, so I had a really good view of it. The guy just put his stick and his hands right into Looch’s head. So, it’s a high hit. No question about it.”