Bruins flourishing because of fantastic freshman foursome

After getting his feet wet with 19 NHL regular-season games and nine playoff games last season, McQuaid has gained confidence and the Bruins have accumulated more faith in him. In addition to using his length and bulk to punish puck-carriers, McQuaid’s willingness to drop the gloves has added a new dimension to Boston’s defense corps. Plus, he has even registered three points in his last four games (seven assists in 33 games on the season). Tonight he was point-less but blocked two shots and mixed it up in front of the Boston net a couple times against a Carolina team that made it its life’s mission to crash Tim Thomas.

And then there’s Seguin, who in 10:05 of ice time recorded no points and just one shot on goal. Skating with Lucic and David Krejci should be the speedster’s chance to finally shine offensively in the Bruins mix. However, every time he changes lines Seguin seems to struggle finding chemistry. His best couple games might’ve been when he was skating on the fourth line. The overall speed of the NHL game and the subtleties of each pro contest seem to be a little more advanced for Seguin right now. That doesn’t mean that he’s not going to be the superstar the Bruins are projecting. It just means that right now, with just seven goals in 43 games, Seguin is no better than the third-best rookie in the Bruins’ mix. And that’s great news.

The ’07-08 rookie class is a hard group to top and this year’s four rookies might not be able to match that one’s impact on the Bruins franchise that season or for the long run. If this year’s freshmen keep on pace to challenge that group’s superiority though, it’ll push the Bruins to accomplish things the club only dreamed about in that season three years ago.

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