Campbell & Ott/By S. Bradley

BOSTON — The worst kept secret in the Bruins’ dressing room after tonight’s 6-3 win over Dallas was that Gregory Campbell had it in for Steve Ott and the Boston center decided to use his revenge to light an early fire under his club.

And the spark worked in Boston’s 6-3 win at TD Garden.

Campbell was with Florida in 2009 when he was leveled by Ott in a game. Although he wasn’t seriously injured on the play, Campbell obviously took exception. He had to wait two years to exact his revenge, however, because the only time the Panthers and Stars met last season Ott was injured.

Campbell lined up at right wing rather than center for the game’s opening faceoff. And as soon as the puck dropped, the gloves were dropped. When the bout was over, both players had held their own and Campbell was bloodied so bad he had to go to the dressing room.

Campbell and a couple of his teammates played coy after the game about the bout.

“I mean, there’s a few words said,” said Campbell. “We were kind of skating around, [I] kind of lined up over there to hear what he had to say.”

Linemate Shawn Thornton, who took the opening draw (and lost it) declined to comment on the premeditated nature of the bout.

Campbell’s fight was followed by two more in the next three seconds and the Bruins rode the momentum to victory.