Paille ban, Julien reaction prove more discussion needed on headshots

But the objective here isn’t to argue with Julien’s point. Maybe there would be a way to better train players, and let them know that punishments for rule-violating hits won’t be as harsh if the hit player isn’t taking measures to protect himself. That’s why there needs to be more debate, more perspectives welcomed into the discussion and things have to be more fluid as we go.

We shouldn’t have to wait until a GMs meeting and a Board of Governors meeting and a rules committee vote when it comes to refining rules that involve player health and safety. This is 2011 and there are too many forms of technology to communicate to count. Obviously, there have to be set procedures in place and you can’t change the rule every time someone voices displeasure. But if there are legitimate concerns about consistency of enforcement or vagueness related to a definition in the rule, it shouldn’t be that difficult to put some heads together and come up with a definitive guideline that everyone must adhere to.

Like Chiarelli, I’m impressed the league finally took the action it did with Rule 48. For too long, the old school, “oh it’s just hockey, so suck it up” crowd was getting its way and putting modern-day players’ lives at risk and making a mockery of the sport. But the league shouldn’t be so slow to action when it comes to fine-tuning its rules and setting some rock-solid standards of behavior and punishment.

Let’s hope the league doesn’t wait until there’s another controversial play involving the Bruins in the 2012 portion of next season to spring into action.

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