Letting Bruins center Savard set his next goal is all anyone should do

That Savard felt a “complete relief of all his symptoms” is another positive in the player’s favor. While he wasn’t completely symptom-free when he returned to action against Philadelphia in the playoffs, Savard was strong enough to make it through the seven-game series. He was then able to overcome his summertime bout with post-concussion syndrome enough to come back and play this season.

Now we’ll find out how he responds to some real down time. If everyone could go back and change the past, Savard would not have played in the playoffs and he would’ve – possibly – shown up for training camp with six months of rest behind him and his body ready to go full tilt. Maybe he would’ve taken more time off. We’ll never know.

The Bruins losing to Montreal in the ’08 playoffs was always a blessing in disguise when it came to Patrice Bergeron’s recovery. Without second-round games to try to play, Bergeron was able to continue his rehabilitation over the summer. Even then it took him months of playing to be himself again. The temptation to play at the first sign of improvement has now been removed from Savard’s equation. Over the next several weeks and months, we’ll get to see how far Savard goes in his recovery. This saga could end in premature retirement, or with an even more glorious ending than we got last spring when he scored the overtime winner against the Flyers.

Savard spoke of needing to take time and have patience, and quipped that he doesn’t have much of either. At 35, he realizes there are only a few years left for him to possibly excel at the NHL. And with the Bruins on the cusp of something magical, he obviously cannot wait until he can again be a part of it.

If we learned anything today, it’s that things aren’t as bleak as they could be. The doctors aren’t shutting Savard down for good and Savard’s not ready to give up hope yet. So we should all hold out hope as long as Savard does because, really, the only person that matters in this situation is Marc Savard. If he wants playing again to remain his ultimate goal, then we should let him have that.

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