Thomas after the fight/By S. Bradley

BOSTON — It was even more humorous than those fake sumo matches some arenas stage between two average-sized people wearing inflated fat suits.

In the midst of a Bruins line brawl with the Montreal Canadiens in the second period of Boston’s 8-6 win at TD Garden tonight, Tim Thomas skated the length of the ice and challenged his opposite goaltender Carey Price to a fight.

It didn’t last very long. And unlike the Rick DiPietro-Brent Johnson fight from earlier this month, there were no injuries (because “Glass Jaw” DiPietro wasn’t involved). Here’s a look at the melee:

“He was more than willing to fight. And I had this big old plan,” said Thomas, who knows Price personally from a goalie camp they attended a couple years ago and from last week’s All-Star festivities. “I was going to grab his right and I was going to throw lefts because I know he’s bigger and taller and has a reach on me. And I thought I could do a better job throwing lefts at him and when I went to grab him he got a good hold on my right arm and I got nothing.

“So then I was like, ‘oh now what do I do?’ Because I know he’s got a big right cocked and ready to come, so I tried to switch arms and get my right free and I grabbed him by the back of the shirt and when he threw the right I pulled on … I was trying to pull him off-balance and his shirt came off his head and then I fell and … actually as I was falling my left arm came free and but then it was over. He fought with the fighter’s manners as far as not hitting when you’re down.”

Thomas said he hadn’t fought since his junior hockey days and even then it was against a forward. He had never fought another goalie.

Price had this to say about the so-called bout:

“I think we were just out there play fighting more than anything. Neither one of us really wanted to get hurt, but we are out there doing whatever we had to do, I guess.”

Neither goaltender was much good at doing his first job of stopping the puck tonight. So at least they both have another highlight to look back on.