Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke was on 98.5 The Sports Hub today with Felger & Massarotti and was asked if he’s in talks with the Bruins about a trade.

“Yes,” he replied.

When pressed about specifics, Burke explained that there are certain things he will not reveal and then said the following about veteran defenseman Tomas Kaberle.

“I have no problem telling you what we’re talking about within certain parameters. The player you’re asking about is a player, Tomas Kaberle, his agent has asked that all discussions regarding this player be kept quiet,” said Burke. “That’s been respected by him, by the agent; it’s been respected by any of the clubs that have asked about him; and it’s certainly going to be respected by me. So we’d have to stop the discussion there if that’s the player we’re talking about and I’m going to respect the player’s wishes if that is the player we’re talking about. … We have had discussions with the Bruins, there is no barrier to that. There’s no hard feelings.”

So after I consult my “lawyer decoder ring” — which also comes in handy after speaking with Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli — Burke is talking to the Bruins about Kaberle, a player Boston has pursued since at least June 2009, when a deal fell through involving Phil Kessel because of a misunderstanding over a first-round pick. After all, it was Burke that brought up Kaberle’s name with solicitation. He can’t talk about Kaberle, but he can refer to him by name? Great stuff. Obviously, Burke is trying to push things along regardless of the wishes of the agent or the other teams involved in a potential trade.

Burke would not say if Kaberle has been asked to waive his no-trade clause or if he has done so. Sportsnet.ca today reported that Kaberle has only waived the NTC to go to Boston.

He also said he is not talking to the Bruins about re-acquiring the Leafs’ first-round pick.

So maybe there is a better chance of the Bruins getting a deal done than I thought. Yesterday I thought the odds were 50/50, now I’d increase that to 70/30.

Later in the show, Bruins President Cam Neely, without mentioning specific players or teams, said the Bruins are close to a deal.