Believe it or not, the Bruins are going to play another hockey game tonight regardless of what trades get done or break down over the course of the day.

While it’s OK for us media types and you, the loyal readers, to be caught up in all the talk about that Toronto defenseman who I can’t bring to type his name anymore, and other deals, the Bruins players better have their focus on the ice and the Ottawa Senators, who could be the perfect foils if Boston isn’t careful.

Let’s face it, the Senators are awful. They’re next-to-last in goals for per game and second-to-last in goals against per game. And as the Ottawa Sun reports today, the Senators’ struggles aren’t relegated to just team statistics.

Trevor Bunke writes:

Besides the obvious lack of offense, poor defensive play and shoddy goaltending, there many other areas that scream out how awful the Senators have been.

While nobody expects their team to be leading each statistical category, fans should at least be able to see a glimmer of hope. From the Senators, there is little.

Basically, there’s barely an incumbent Ottawa player that’s anywhere near the top 10, or even 20, in any individual statistical category. And the team is off the map in the rankings as well.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Senators today traded goaltenders with Colorado.

All this doesn’t mean the Bruins are going to show up and win 8-0. They’re going to have to overlook all the trade distractions and the trip from Long Island last night and put in the effort to get off to a solid start and not give the Sens, with the their roster filled with rookies and AHL journeymen, any glimmer of hope in this game.

Any good will the Bruins earned by disposing of the Islanders, and might earn by virtue of acquiring that Czech guy, will go out the window if they leave ScotiaBank Place with anything less than two points.