Bruins Mailbag: On trading Krejci, chasing a franchise forward and more

Krejci/By S. Bradley

For obvious reasons, I had to postpone the mailbag from yesterday to today.

And then I had to weed through all the Tomas Kaberle questions to find ones that aren’t dated.

Nonetheless, this is still a vital part of the NHL season and your questions were great. So without further ado, and keeping in mind that these questions were submitted before the Bruins’ Friday trades, here’s my February mailbag:

JT Pierce wrote: I’m surprised at the recent sentiment among Bruins fans that this team should move David Krejci. I’m not saying he is untouchable, and I think we can all agree that he’s yet to live up to the potential he displayed two years ago, but Krejci is the closest replacement for a Marc Savard-type player this roster has to offer. His cap hit is relatively low, and when firing on all cylinders he is a vital member of this team. On the flipside, he has a tendency to disappear for long stretches, and I often question his “compete level.” What are your thoughts on his role on the team, and the possibility of moving him?

Matt Kalman: Krejci has been given a lot of opportunity to prove he is a No. 1 center this year, and until the last couple weeks he struggled. Maybe there have been physical issue bothering him, but I think most people expect him to not only be a playmaker but a physical force like he was in Providence and in ’08-09. That being said, I wouldn’t be in a rush to trade him unless he was the big chip in a package to get a franchise-type player along the lines of Brad Richards or Rick Nash. With his potential and friendly cap hit, he’s obviously attractive to other teams. And projecting down the road, if Patrice Bergeron and Tyler Seguin are your top two centers and maybe another prospect emerges as your third or fourth guy, you could survive without Krejci.

Mike wrote: The Bruins obviously need a huge trade to change their fortunes. I don’t think getting Chris Kelly and Kaberle is going to remotely turn this team around. I agree with your assessment that they need two top-four defensemen. But they also are crying out for a big-time stud forward who can put the puck in the net consistently. I’ve read some blogs where fans are pining for the Bruins to trade for Nash in Columbus, but I’ve never seen anything indicating that he’s available. So, how realistic is it that the B’s could make a run at him?

MK: Unfortunately, Rick Nash, and players of his ilk just aren’t available. I argued last week that with the Bruins’ pool of picks and prospects, they should try to make a guy like that become available. But it doesn’t seem like the Bruins, or any other team, are inclined to really knock another club’s socks off, especially in season. But I think now the Bruins’ biggest weakness is a big time scorer that they can rely on 5-on-5 and on the power play to cash in regularly even against playoff-tough defenses.

Glenn wrote: Now that Dustin Byfuglien has signed a long-term extension, do you think it’s more likely that Zach Bogosian is on the move before the deadline? If so, are the B’s interested and what do you think it would take to land him?

MK: Well, now with Mark Stuart in the mix, Bogosian, who it seems has had a strained relationship with assistant coach John Torchetti, might be even more available. While he would be a great addition to any team’s back end, he’s more a guy you trade for with the future in mind, not the here and now. The price would probably be such that the Bruins would have to mess with their chemistry to get a guy that still needs some seasoning. At this stage, the Bruins can’t afford to get less experienced.

Jeremy Gram wrote: I know all the talk is about the deadline, but what do you think the Bruins will target in the draft, forward or defenseman? Also, what are some names we should keep an eye on as potential future Bruins come draft time?

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