Last night it was Brad Boyes, today it was Dennis Wideman.

Teams just can’t wait to acquire former Bruins for the stretch run.

Wideman, traded by Boston to Florida last summer, joined Washington in exchange for a prospect and a third-round pick in 2011.

in 61 games with the Panthers, Wideman posted 9-24-33 totals but was also a minus-26. Luckily for him, the Caps have focused on tightening up their game in their own end, so the system — plus a better offensive team around him — could spare Wideman from an even larger minus. Plus, when healthy, the Caps have Mike Green and John Carlson ahead of Wideman among right-side D-men. So Wideman will get a chance to be a supporting player.

Impact on the Bruins: Well, now there’s a chance that the Bruins could see Wideman again this seaosn — should there be a Boston-Washington playoff series. Other than that, the only impact on the Bruins is that their trade with Florida is now essentially a first-round pick and a third-round pick to the Panthers for Nathan Horton and Gregory Campbell. When you figure Wideman was never going to regain his 2008-09 form in a Boston uniform, that trade was already a major victory. Now it looks like a wipeout.

Obviously, you could say ‘well, the Bruins had to overpay to get Tomas Kaberle to replace Wideman.’ That’s one theory. But again, was Wideman going to be his ’08-09 version ever again here or not? I’d argue not. In that case, they would’ve had to replace what Wideman once upon a time brought, trade to Florida or no trade to Florida.