Unlike other teams, Bruins did all they could to improve through trades

Maybe the Bruins are right and the equation in the NHL has changed. Perhaps you don’t need a bonafide sniper or two to carry your offense in the postseason anymore. Although I’m not ready to buy in 100 percent to that theory and plan a June parade through the Hub, on paper I’d have to favor the Bruins in any playoff series against an Eastern foe other than Philadelphia with the way the teams are presently constituted. Pittsburgh could get Sidney Crosby back at full strength and Washington might respond to its deals the way the Bruins have to their deals to change those odds.

But right now in my mind, there’s the Bruins and above them the Flyers in the East. And we all saw what happened to the highly touted Capitals, Penguins and New Jersey Devils in last year’s postseason as seemingly unstoppable higher seeds.

For those that were hoping Peter Chiarelli would annex another superstar before this year’s deadline — including this blogger — it obviously wasn’t going to happen. It was hard enough to squeeze a third-line winger or third-pair defenseman out of some teams, judging by the few trades that were made.

Reasonably, Chiarelli did all he could do to solidify this year’s club and make sure it has more than the puncher’s chance the Bruins had last season when the postseason opened. That’s nothing to complain about.

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