Lucic/By S. Bradley

WILMINGTON, Mass. — The Tampa Bay Lightning, and specifically center Dominic Moore, might beg to differ, but Bruins forward Milan Lucic says he let up when he went at Moore with his stick high during a second-period scrum last night.

After today’s practice at Ristuccia Arena, Lucic said he had not heard from the league any supplemental discipline. In the ’09 playoffs, Lucic was suspended one game for a similar post-whistle high stick he threw at Montreal’s Maxim Lapierre.

“It was funny, that play, looking back and thinking back to it, I knew my stick was going to get a little high. And if you notice, there’s no follow through at all,” said Lucic, who received a roughing penalty but nothing more. “I backed up on it 100 percent, where I kind of just throw my chest out at him at the end because I knew it was getting into a dangerous area there. Things happen in this game, that you want to do whatever you can in this game not to hurt guys. Definitely, I might’ve got away with one by not getting punished more on the penalty call. But I did everything I could to keep from extending my arms to make it a full cross check.”

Lucic said the let-up was the biggest difference between this play and the one with Lapierre.

“It was completely different,” he said. “Where [in Montreal] I kind of went through. If you notice, I went up and then I kind of brought it back because I knew I was kind of entering into dangerous territory.”