Recchi/By S. Bradley

WILMINGTON, Mass. — Mark Recchi and Martin St. Louis have lots in common, including an impressive playing resume and a diminutive stature.

In the awards department, though, St. Louis has Recchi beat in the Lady Byng Trophy department. The Tampa Bay forward won the award for gentlemanly play last season. But last night, he might’ve cost himself some votes for this year’s award with a dangerous play against Recchi.

With the Boston forward driving the net, St. Louis stuck out his skate and an off-balanced Recchi hit into the post after the whistle. Some words were exchanged by Recchi, St. Louis and other players on the ice. Recchi wasn’t injured.

“That’s lucky. I’m lucky I didn’t go in harder. And I was able to catch myself a little bit,” said Recchi today after the Bruins practiced at Ristuccia Arena.

Recchi said he was a little surprised his gentlemanly former teammate would try such a maneuver, but “I had him beat to the net, so that’s the only way he could get me I guess.”

Despite the dangerous nature of the play, Recchi said there’ll be no bad blood between the future Hall-of-Fame players.

“We’ll be fine. That’s just the heat of the moment,” said Recchi. “He’s a good guy. We battled. It’s all part of it; he’s on the other side.”