Marchand/By S. Bradley

It seems Bruins rookie Brad Marchand wasn’t content just playing a natural rivalry game tonight against Montreal a month after the teams combined for more than 180 penalty minutes at TD Garden.

This morning after the Bruins’ pregame skate at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Marchand decided to do something completely uncharacteristic of any player that has pulled on a Boston sweater since the Claude Julien era began — mouth off.

Sean Gordon of the Globe & Mail posted the story this afternoon:

Marchand says:

“They [Montreal] like to get in and shoot their mouths of and then when you hit them they’ll dive down and fall easy.”

Marchand then spoke about the last Bruins-Canadiens game, which ended with a line brawl that featured several non-fighters from the Habs fighting some of the tougher Bruins. Earlier in the game, Bruins non-fighter David Krejci had to defend himself as well.

Marchand said:

“They stir the pot, and they got what they deserved [in the last game] … whatever anyone’s mad about, they can suck it up, it’s not our fault.”

Earlier this season in Montreal, Marchand was on the wrong end of a P.K. Subban open-ice check that forced the Bruins forward to miss a couple games. The pesky player might find himself targeted again after the puck drops at 7:30 tonight, but not just by the Habs. His own coaching staff, PR staff and veteran teammates probably aren’t too pleased he veered off message when talking about what’s supposed to be “just another game.”

Hopefully he doesn’t take too much heat, because candor like Marchand’s is what keeps this job and this league interesting. For one thing, he definitely piqued interest in tonight’s match-up.