Here’s one from the “be careful who you have vouching for you” department:

Ottawa forward Chris Neil is in Zdeno Chara’s corner in the dirty vs. clean debate.

Neil, we all know, is the Senators player that ridiculously attempted to fight Boston defenseman Dennis Seidenberg late in a game earlier this season. Although he’s never been suspended by the NHL, Neil has been mixed up in his fair share of questionable physical plays over the years.

Nonetheless, the Bruins captain’s former Ottawa teammate spoke in defense of Chara today when asked about the hit on Max Pacioretty last night in Boston’s 4-1 loss to Montreal.

Via Bruch Garrioch’s Twitter feed:

“He’s pretty honest and pretty physical. That’s what makes him the defenseman he is. He’s not going to try to intentionally hurt someone. If Zee’s intentionally going after a guy he’s going to fight him.”

Well, Neil’s not exactly a guy you’d want to testify on Chara’s behalf. But at least he’s offering a somewhat objective opinion, considering at this point he probably has no more love for the Bruins than the Canadiens.