It seems Montreal fans aren’t content with the game misconduct Zdeno Chara received Tuesday night, or the lack of a suspension for the Bruins captain.

In the aftermath of the hit on Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty, who suffered a fractured vertebrae and a severe concussion, Habs rooters have inundated their local police stations demanding Chara’s head.

The Canadian Press writes:

Police say their emergency call center started getting flooded around 4 p.m. — after the NHL announced its decision.

A spokesman said police suspected the calls were inspired by a local media outlet that suggested the idea.

The police spokesman described the gesture as “irresponsible” — and he urged Montrealers to keep the emergency line free for actual life-and-death matters.

There’s a precedent for players getting criminally charged for on-ice actions, including incidents involving Dino Ciccarelli, Todd Bertuzzi and one-time Bruins tough guy Marty McSorley. But those incidents all involved an intent to injure outside of an actual hockey action.

Chara’s hit might’ve been vicious, but as the league defined it, it was a hockey play. If they put this case on Law & Order: Montreal, they’d never be able to prove intent.