Bruins’ coach Julien explains Seguin’s sitting situation

There’s no doubt the hockey people also saw a chance to add a youngster with the type of NHL skill set the team previously lacked, and even better work him in slowly in a complementary role on the second or third line. However, for reasons the people paid to predict these things failed to foresee, Seguin regressed from the fast start of rookie camp and the rookie games to the point where he couldn’t be trusted to play on a top-three line, let alone get power-play time.

It’s impossible to know right now if a year racking up minutes and points in the OHL this season would’ve been better than a year in a bit role on the NHL roster. Players that have gone on to greatness or obscurity have been handled both ways throughout the years, whether it’s Joe Thornton’s part-time start to his career or Steve Stamkos’ second-half logging of major minutes playing out the string with a bad Tampa Bay squad.

The answers to questions about the Bruins’ handling of Seguin won’t be revealed for years to come. The answer to any queries about his present however are easy: the Bruins still have high hopes for his future but don’t see him as much of a help for the present.

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