The local broadcast sort of glossed over the play, so the only video I’ve seen of it since it happened in tonight’s second period is this grainy, slow-motion video relayed by Yahoo! Sports hockey writer Greg Wyshynski from a reader.

But upon my live viewing of Bruins forward Brad Marchand’s hit on Columbus’ R.J. Umberger in the neutral zone while pursuing a loose puck during the Bruins’ 3-2 win, it looked like nothing more than a potential interference call.

This video, while grainy, clearly shows Marchand hitting Umberger’s head. I’d like to see the hit with the screen expanded so we can see exactly where Marchand’s coming from. A quick Web search just now didn’t turn up anymore clips of the hit, which was only shown on NESN once more — as far as I recall — after it was shown live.

As the poster mentions, there was no penalty. In fact, Marchand got a scoring chance after the Bruins got the puck.They scored their first goal of the night about 30 seconds later.

If Umberger was injured, he didn’t show it much, as he returned to the game and skated 25 shifts total for the night.

After the game, he spoke to the Columbus Post-Dispatch. The Puck-Rakers blog posted this quote from the veteran forward:

“I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard he might have left his feet with an elbow. That’s what it felt like. … You got to think that’s one of the hits we are trying to eliminate whether it’s inadvertent or not.”

It’ll be interesting to see if the league reviews the matter and doles out some supplemental discipline to Marchand, who for the time being seems to have gotten away with one. Globe & Mail hockey writer James Mirtle points out via Twitter that this hit is similar to the one Pavel Kubina was suspended three games for last week. Here’s the Kubina elbow:

So we could be looking at another hearing with the league for a Bruins player following up on Zdeno Chara and Daniel Paille’s previous hearings.

The NHL should at least have to answer for the reasoning behind failing to penalize the hit to the head.