The nature of some people seemingly knows no low it can’t sink to.

That especially appears to apply when that matter involves the Bruins-Montreal Canadiens rivarly.

First, Boston captain Zdeno Chara’s hit on Montreal forward Max Pacioretty and the subsequent decision by the NHL to not suspend the defenseman turned a great percentage of Habs fans into an angry mob with pitchforks and torches looking to exact revenge on Chara.

Now after Pacioretty received a positive prognosis for his future return to hockey action after suffering a non-displaced fractured vertebrae and severe concussion, it seems the lowest of the low in the Bruins’ fan base are questioning the the actual nature of the initial injury in terms unprintable on this blog.

This is ludicrous, and must stop.

Pacioretty suffered his injury March 8 and today Montreal head coach Jacques Martin said that doctors will allow Pacioretty to begin training with contact in three to five weeks. When you figure he’ll need at least a week or two of contact before he can play in a game — if all goes well — that would probably line up Pacioretty for a second-round playoff return.

Well, gee, what player who suffered a Grade 2 concussion (by the old three-grade measuring standard) right around the same time last year, was given a bleak initial prognosis and then triumphantly returned for the Bruins’ Game 1 win over Philadelphia in the second round? One guess: it rhymes with Dark Havard.

The differences in the grading systems make it impossible to compare the two concussions without a medical degree. But when you factor in that Pacioretty might have suffered the least severe of severe concussions, plus factor in his age and his body’s recovery ability — an element unique to each and every individual — the only reason Pacioretty’s career outlook is rosier now than a week ago is because he’s fortunate. And no one knows what the future holds once he begins rigorous physical activity. If any group of people knows how unpredictable these head injuries can be, it’s Bruins fans, who are left to dream what their team would look like right now with Marc Savard in the lineup and at full strength.

That Pacioretty might be able to make a fully healthy return to NHL action before this season ends rather than next season should be news celebrated by all fans and people inside the game. Any other reaction is just disgusting.