March mailbag: Bruins’ power play, Kaberle, Seguin need to get in gear

Kelly/By S. Bradley

In a little more than three weeks, the 2010-11 regular season will be over.

By then, the Bruins might actually have scored a 5-on-4 power-play goal. Or maybe not.

This March mailbag will touch on several elements of Boston’s so-called power play, Tyler Seguin, Tomas Kaberle and some potential summer moves should the Bruins not win the Stanley Cup this spring.

And away we go:

Mike Linskey asks: I know you’ve opined on this in the past, but have you seen any further evidence of what contributions Chris Kelly brings to the table that you didn’t already have on the roster? Kelly doesn’t score, he doesn’t win faceoffs (at least not enough), he’s not particularly fast – he’s an energy guy. Didn’t you already have a better-than-average energy-line center in Gregory Campbell? It seems like tweaking the top six forwards at the deadline might have been a better idea than tweaking the bottom six.

Matt Kalman: Here’s how I look at Kelly. If Campbell and Daniel Paille merged their abilities, they’d produce Chris Kelly, including his inability to finish or make a legitimately threatening offensive move. But he does the little things. Of course, so does Campbell. And the Bruins needed an offensive upgrade and opted for Kelly.

Kelly is faster than most players the Bruins already had and he’s winning 52 percent of his faceoffs with the Bruins. But I really think that if they thought they were going to land Peverley, this was a waste. As far as upgrading the top six, that would’ve been easier said than done. Of course, months ago I outlined how they could’ve done that. They could’ve made a package of picks and prospects that would’ve knocked someone’s socks off.

If they were just looking to fill that No. 3 spot, there were other players they could’ve added with a little creativity. As it turned out, Brad Boyes and Jason Arnott were also moved for similar packages and would’ve been better fits because of their offensive skill sets in addition to their ability to take care of their own end.

Matt Kalin asks: People are all over Kelly for his play and lack of production, but it seems Kaberle is the real dud of the trade deadline. Since he has shown up, the power play has been extremely unproductive. He made a few nice plays in his first few games when we were overanalyzing his hands, but the early return is that we got smoked on that trade with Toronto. I thought the Bruins were going to get something close to what Sergei Gonchar brought when they traded for him back in the day. Actually, the offense has arguably been worse since his arrival. How do you feel about Kaberle’s play so far and is what he has done what we can expect going forward? Also, why is he receiving no criticism?

Kaberle/By S. Bradley

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