Habs fans today are down.

Most people in the province of Quebec and across Canada that call the Montreal Canadiens their team are about ready to write their club’s epitaph after the Habs dropped a 7-0 decision to the Bruins last night.

And it probably reads something like this, courtesy of Sean Gordon of The Globe & Mail:

Maybe they really are gutless, maybe Scott Gomez is the worst-ever Hab, maybe Tomas Plekanec is old and busted, maybe Mike Cammalleri is in a funk from which he’ll never emerge, maybe this is Jacques Martin’s Waterloo, maybe Brian Gionta really did wave a white flag for the first time in his life, maybe they’ll never win again, ever.

Obviously, had the score last night been reversed, Boston backers would be saying the same things today with Bruins names replacing those of the Habs players and coach. Nonetheless, it’s funny to read this morning while the Bruins are enjoying their day off in the aftermath of the rout.

Of course, the season’s not over. The Bruins still have a lot to accomplish before the end of the regular season, as do the Habs. And although these teams are done with their initially scheduled six match-ups for this season, it’s highly likely they’re going to run into one another in a couple weeks in the postseason. That’s about all the Habs have to hang their hats on right about now.

While not endorsing the rosier outlook that a minuscule minority of Montreal fans might be embracing right now, Gordon goes on to list the things that could make it easier for Habs fans to get through their day today. He starts with the notion that it can’t get worse for the Habs than what happened last night:

So how’s this: what if this beat-down was actually a good thing? Because let’s face it, it’s hard to imagine the club laying an egg that big again – they truly can’t play any worse. We were struck by a point that a fan made on one of the Habs forums last night (sorry, can’t remember which one or we’d give ’em credit). What if this team isn’t grown-up enough to play with the weight of expectation? They went to New York last Friday with a chance to kill off the Rangers’ chance at sixth place. Bad bounce, breakdown, blowout. They went in to Tuesday’s game with desperate Buffalo with a chance to leapfrog Boston – flat effort early, narrow loss. They show up in Boston for the first time since the Pacioretty game with a chance to draw within a point of the Bruins – you know the rest.

There are more reasons things might start to look up for the Habs, but you can click the link if you want to read them.

I just thought it’d be fun for my readers to see that these are the types of stories the folks in Montreal have been reduced to writing and reading today — stories of a “well, it can’t get any worse” variety.

Enjoy it while you can. But stay somewhat grounded in case another disappointing postseason — like every one since 1973 — awaits.