Savard/By S. Bradley

Updated information about the condition of Bruins center Marc Savard has been hard to come by since the veteran was officially shut down for the season last month.

A few Bruins players I’ve asked about Savard have said they don’t want to take the first step to call him in order to give him his space as he tries to recover from post-concussion syndrome. Tonight ESPN national hockey writer Pierre LeBrun blogged about a source that told him the type of news no one, especially the Bruins and their fans, wants to hear.

LeBrun writes:

Wish I had better news to forward on the Marc Savard front, but it’s quite the opposite. A source told Saturday that the concussed Bruins center is having “real memory problems and he’s quite worried about it.”

Just another reminder how serious the concussion issue is around the NHL. Savard’s career is in serious doubt and that’s just not right.

The memory problems had been a big concern when Savard first returned from his his post-concussion problems in December. You’d have to think that if Savard, this far removed from his late-January concussion in Denver, is still suffering symptoms and is even having memory problems, he might have no choice but to retire. It’s quite a shame, especially when you consider how slow the league has been in its attempts to crack down on head shots — both before and since Matt Cooke’s cheap shot on Savard.

Savard’s plight should, at the least, spur even more debate and decision-making in relation to getting hits to the head and other concussion-causing elements (dangerous equipment, hard glass) out of the game so that no one — All-Star or fourth-liner — has to go through what Savard has.