Well, it looks like the war of words between Bruins forwad Shawn Thornton and the Chicago Blackhawks is going to last a little longer than first expected.

Thornton was upset that after he was sliced above the right eye by forward Fernando Pisani’s skate blade Tuesday night, someone on the Blackhawks bench chirped at him as he made his way toward the Bruins’ bench. Today Thornton reiterated that he still doesn’t know who it was.

Blackhawks enforcer John Scott, who wasn’t in the lineup Tuesday, was asked by the media in Chicago about comments Thornton made on 98.5 The Sports Hub today about having a long memory when it comes to the incident.

Scott, via the Chicago Tribune, said:

“He said that? That’s fine. He can say what he wants. He’s going after some of our littlest guys on our team to start a fight. He’s trying to challenge (Fernando) Pisani to a fight. What’s that say about him?

“He’s Mr. Tough Guy and he’s trying to challenge Pisani. If I’m in the lineup, he’s more than welcome to come chirp at me. I’ll kick the (bleep) out of him.”

The Hawks had been upset earlier in that game that Thornton collided with defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson and then Thornton and Pisani did have a brief exchange in a scrum.

The Bruins and Hawks are not scheduled to meet again this season, unless it’s in the Stanley Cup final. Scott would likely be a scratch with the stakes that high, as he has played in just 40 games on Chicago’s back end this season. Scott is signed through the end of next year by the Hawks.

Thornton received around 40 stitches for the gash and as of today is not medically cleared to play. After the game Tuesday, he said he would take care of whoever chirped when he finds out the player’s identity and crosses paths with him again.