Once graded as a fail, last year’s Ference deal with Bruins looks fine

So for a bottom-six defenseman on a top-10 team, Ference is competitively compensated. Bear in mind, signing Ference didn’t preclude the Bruins from getting deals done with Boychuk, Seidenberg and Chara, or prevent them from chasing down Tomas Kaberle before this season’s trade deadline. Going forward, it’s unlikely that Ference’s $2.25 million is going to be the difference between Boston adding to its team or standing pat. Since Ference is one of the few players to not get a no-trade or no-movement clause from Chiarelli, if Ference’s deal ever gets in the way the Bruins wouldn’t have much difficulty doing the necessary maneuvering to clear him off the cap.

You don’t endure injury-plagued seasons like Ference faced the three years before this and shake off that “injury-prone” tag overnight. Should Ference break down and put the Bruins in an uncomfortable financial situation between now and the end of the deal, opinion on last spring’s extension will obviously sour.

As April 1, 2011, however, the deal with Ference has turned out to be a just reward for a valuable complementary player.

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