Savard/By S. Bradley

Last week, a national report quoted a source saying that Bruins center Marc Savard was not only still suffering from post-concussion syndrome but also battling some memory loss.

General manager Peter Chiarelli has since confirmed that report.

In Kevin Paul Dupont’s Sunday Hockey Notes column in the Boston Globe, Chiarelli is today quoted as saying:

“I’ve spoken with our doctors here who saw him recently. They described him as somber. He’s still suffering PCS, with some memory loss. Overall, I’d say there has been slight improvement, some progress, but he still has a very long way to go.’’

According to Dupont, the plan is for Savard to return to Boston every few weeks for examinations. Chiarelli also said that the depression that affected Savard during his bout of PCS last summer and fall has not returned since he suffered his most recent concussion Jan. 22 in Denver. A determination on Savard’s playing future will not be made for months.

The situation of Marc Savard continues to be a sad one in the annals of Bruins history.