Trusting Bruins to back words with action is a risky endeavor

The Carolina loss probably tells us more about what might be in store for these current Bruins than last year’s collapse. Like the ’09 team, this year’s Bruins are going to be favored going into a playoff series with a team that’s been fighting with Game 7-type intensity for weeks. Meanwhile, Boston has been goofing off and talking about taking things seriously instead of actually showing that that’s how it actually feels with some top-notch, 60-minute efforts that would not only prove their of championship mettle but possibly improve their final standing in the East.

There’s been so much talk about the Bruins’ future if they fail to reach the third round this spring after two straight second-round exits. Has anyone stopped to wonder what happens if they don’t make it back to that second round?

Julien last night against the Islanders dressed what figures to be his lineup for the first game of the playoffs. There’s no doubt he did that thinking that if he got the 60-minute effort he wanted, the Bruins would easily dispose of the pesky Isles and then he could rest some of his battered veterans. What he got was a handful of players that were trying and a majority that going through a dress rehearsal – for the Ice Capades, not the NHL playoffs. Now the coach is in a predicament. He probably still wants to rest guys this weekend, but might have to do so without some players building up some positive momentum for the playoffs.

Regardless of how Julien handles his lineup and the resting of his veterans over the weekend during the back-to-back against Ottawa and New Jersey, the pantomime has to end. Every player that dresses against the Senators and Devils has to play to his full potential in order to prove that there won’t be any “switch flipping” necessary.

None of this is to suggest the Bruins won’t come out Thursday, blow out its lower-seeded opponent and then make a run to the second, third or even fourth round this spring. It’s just a cautionary tale of how much to trust what these Bruins say.

After two straight disappointing springtime failures that were preceded by rhetoric similar to what’s emanating from the Bruins’ locker room right now, trust the Bruins to back up their words with the necessary actions at your own risk.

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