Here’s the best I can deduce as far as a few scenarios for the Bruins in the playoffs without my abacus. If you have anything to add/correct, feel free.

•If the Bruins lose in regulation tomorrow to Ottawa at TD Garden, they can only get 103 points and would be locked in as the No. 3 seed when they take the ice in New Jersey Sunday.

•They can still move up to No. 2. If they win their last two games, with one in regulation/OT, and Philadelphia gets just one point. Factoring in Pittsburgh, the Bruins would need two wins of any kind plus the Penguins get just one point in their last game — that is if Philly doesn’t get point No. 105.

•One point by the Bruins against the Sens keeps them alive for No. 2 as well. They’d have to then win Sunday and get regulation losses by Philly and Pittsburgh.

•This I know is definite: Bruins can only play Montreal or Buffalo in the first round.

I think that touches all the bases.