Price/By S. Bradley

The Bruins were already in New Jersey resting up for today’s season finale by the time their first-round match-up with Montreal was set up last night by the Canadiens and Philadelphia Flyers both winning their final games of the regular season.

So after the Habs downed Toronto, they got the chance to fire the first verbal shots across the bow. And they basically punted.

Goaltender Carey Price was as dry as he could be, as quoted by the Montreal Gazette:

“It’s going to a good series. Obviously, there’s a history between us and it’s probably going to be pretty good watching.”

Gee Carey, don’t get too excited.

Captain Brian Gionta also tried to tamp down the notion that this series is going to be any more electric than any other playoff series. Also from The Gazette:

“It’s not going to be any more intense than any other playoff series. In the playoffs, everything gets real intense. The regular season gets thrown out. We’ll spend the next few days looking at the match-ups and getting ready.”

Well, hopefully the chatter and the hockey will far exceed the initial predictions and rhetoric of two of Montreal’s best players because I think at this point we’re expecting fireworks on and off the ice.